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Anna Leone (b. Brazil - 1992), is a highlighted young classical guitarist in the Brazil’s classical musical scenario. She started playing guitar at age of seven years old and in 2014, she graduated at Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) as a Bacharel in Guitar Performance in the class of Maria Haro. Recently, Anna received a graduate assistantship to study Master in Music Performance at James Madison University in the USA.

Anna Leone has achieved a lot of prizes in Brazil’s music competitions. The past four years she was awarded in seven music/guitar competitions and honorable mentioned in three ones. During the last year, Anna had performed in Finland, beyond numerous concerts in Brazil.

As a Teacher, my focus is in classical guitar, Brazilian music and and basic knowledges on the instrument.

I have being teaching for three years, using my experience as a classical guitarist to develop my student's skill/techniques that can be used not necessary only with classical music. I've being working with sutdents of all ages and levels, most of them in private lessons and one year working as a teacher in a music school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition to that work, I like to enlarge the student musicality, making him/her to have a broader conception of the music. I also prepare students who want to become concertists, and/or do exams to universities.

Lately I have being working as a teacher assistent at JMU, basically with guitar lessons and workshops related to classical technique where I am trying to develop my own teaching method by revisind important guitar methods and come up with different solutions and own exercises to improve the student skills in a short time. My key words for teaching are minimize time and effort.Since from the beginning I work wih the students ways of practicing that can control the waste of energy. By mean that, I value good position of hands and sitting, which by my experience of teachig are usually the most common problems with students.

Usually during the first lessons I use to work more in the student's technique to fix previous problems providing exercises for both hands. In relation of the repertory, I prefer to work with pieces/songs that the student choose. Working with a familiar piece can improve the interest of the student in the instrument. So usually I ask for them to give me a list of songs/pieces they would like to learn, and after I try to provide music material according with their levels that will work with their music choices. On the other hand, I also provide material/indicated pieces that I think would be necessary for development of the student. In that way, the lessons become a two way road.

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