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Vero Beach , USA

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$45.00 U.S.

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(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima

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I've been a private piano teacher for a long time. Skype is a unique opportunity to be able to offer lessons in your home and from mine. While this is a casual and convenient set up, my expectations for students are high. I need you to practice… and, a keyboard won't help you. I can only teach students who have an acoustic piano. I hear stories about not having the room for a piano or the ability to move one in or the money to buy it. But there are many ways to get yourself onto a piano for lessons and practice. People GIVE AWAY pianos -- check Craigslist and you'll see. Go to the piano and we can Skype from that site and I'll be able to help you look at it. Also, every piano dealer from big stores to the mom and pop operations have pianos for rent and which will enable you to apply ALL the rental fees to the purchase price of a piano. Used pianos are everywhere, but please don't go into wet basements or garages to look at them - pass those by. This means some work on your part and I will help you. During the time you are looking for a piano, I can teach you on your keyboard, but you must have the following: a keyboard stand ( regulation height - not rock stand which are higher) and with a bench, a music rack, a lamp and set up permanently in a dedicated music study space.

I have a Music Education Degree, a Masters in Composition. I teach classical, pop, and jazz. But I need you to practice every day - it's very important.

If you are motivated enough to bring together all which I've mentioned, your lessons will be productive.

We can discuss more if what I've written here makes sense to you..

Thanks very much,

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