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Music belongs to the order of principles able to fill the atmosphere of power.
When we divide the triple root of music we obtain: melody, harmony and rhythm.
This online course aims to introduce you to the dynamic field of the rhythm through the study of
congas, d´jembe, timbales, bongo, doumbek, Irish bodhran, bodhan, tar, bendir, peruvian cajon, flamenco cajon, tabla (Indian Percussion) and accessories.
The course goes into: Basic knowledge about music and rhythmic musical elements.
Sounding possibilities of the percussion instruments and operative tools.
Different types of strokes, Different figures, Meters, Different styles, fills, Paradidles, Accents, Rhythms to accompany recorded music
Improvisation development.
This course is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

He was born in La Plata on 4th December in 1951. He studied classical percussion in La Plata Conservatory with Ernesto Ringer (percussionist from Colon theatre).
He studied how to play the drums with Mingo Martino for two years and the perfecting with Horacio Gianello. He was a member of the group called “Avatar” the only one in Argentina that plays two drums. He recorded the long Play titled “Today is better” being part of this group.
In 1984 he edited the congas method (Massai) in which he teaches conga by music an make a deep study of his techniques, different sounds, metrics, different styles and fillings.
In 1985 he was part of the duet called Yamvalou in which the drummer Ricky Vecchio played and both of them participated in “Mar del Jazz Festival” in Necochea city.
During 1985 he was part of the experimental group “el concierto del pequeño tiempo” integrated by the flutist Andres Varan who participated in the Festival too and played at The Cultural entre of Buenos Aires. He also was a guest of a group integrated by Chango Farias Gomez the “monkey” Izaurralde and Pablo Trosman at the same festival accompanying the actress Leonor Soria.
In 1987 he was teach percussion in the cultural centre Fortunato Lacamera. He was a member of the fussion group “La Flota” with Horacio Moscovici (ex Adolfo Mederos pianist) and the bass player Duilio Fonda. He played with them at the “Mar del Jazz festival” in 1988 and 1989 and he travelled round Rio Negro with them too. In 1989 he was part of the concert “the Captain verses" Which was played by Chilean musicians Claudio and Jorge Castillo. In September of 1989 he make a master in drums at Santa Fe theatre. In 1991 he offered various concerts at he ITF and San Martin theatre with the Senegalese percussionist Ba Mamour. In 1992 he edited the method “The science of the rhythm form”. It was about algebra applied to the drums, that shows the ways into the rhythmic investigation. In 1993 he played a solo at “Mar del Jazz Festival” using a set integrated by 7 congas, 2 deep Bongoes and 2 bonges. It was called Yellow Orchestra (Orquesta Amarilla)
and he played at Bellas Artes at La Plata University with this group.
In December 1993 he dictated a course of Percussion at Santa Fe cultural yard with Lucio Venturini, drummer of the local group “Carne viva”. In 1994 he played with the Yellow Orchestra at Mar del Jazz festival and was part of the group of the Swedish saxophone player Hakan Lewin and the pianist Aldo Meristo from stonia. In 1998 he played again next to Ba Mamour at Cultural Centre of Recoleta dictating percussion and African dances classes in the same place and in Amura foundation, EMU and at the school of Afro dance Foro 53.He studied Table for six years with Sanjai Badhoria (hindu percussionist).
In 2001 he participated in the Worldwide Percussion Festival Percuba 2001 held in La Habana, Cuba, with the Yellow Orchestra, sharing the scene with famous percussionists such as “Changuito” and Ta Ta Guine.
In 2002 he introduced his new job called “The time passenger” next to the Yellow Orchestra. He participated in the 1st Percussion Festival of Argentina (BAP) organizated by National Head office of music with the Orquesta Amarilla.
In 2003 he participated in the 2nd Percussion Festival of Argentina (BAP).
He was awarded with a mention due to his dedication and trajectory in Percuba Festival held in Bs. As.
In 2004 he participated in the 3rd Percussion Festival in Bs. As. He also took part in the 1st Percussion Festival organizated by the Percussion Art Society of USA at the Conservatory of Bs, As and in the Mar del Plata percussion festival. In 2005 he performed a concert at Mar del Plata auditorium with the Orquesta Amarilla. He introduced his new CD Tamborea Suite and went round Patagonia dictating courses in General Roca and the Superior School of Music of Neuquen, and giving concerts as well. He presented Tamborea Suite at ND/Ateneo theatre of Bs. As, at the 2nd Mar del Plata percussion festival in “Astor Piazzola room at the auditorium of Mar del Plata and in The International Jazz festival in La Plata.
Forms the Argentinean Percussion Duo with the drummer Lucio Venturini and them gives clinics and concerts for Argentina.
In the 2006 he make workshops-concerts, clinics and continues their studies with the teacher of Hindu percussion Sanjay Badhoria. 

I have been a percussion teacher for thirty years and I have trained dozens of students, some of whom followed the professional path, others do it as an artistic manifestation and others as amateurs. But in anyway you have to do it well and that leads to a dedicated study because if not, you don't learn. The person who says that he wants to play and does not say that he wants to study is going to be a bad student because he only wants the pleasure of playing and playing an instrument well requires a sacrifice on his part to reach his goal. The person who says He wants to learn; without thinking He becomes an excellent player because He is excited about learning.
The first lesson is free. The student will need his percussion instrument, a webcam and a Skype account. Don't hesitate to get in touch over email for more details or to arrange your trial lesson.

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