Onmutu - Costs

Onmutu works on a point system. Our system gives you ways to earn free points, or if you want you can purchase additional points by logging into your Member account and clicking on "Recharge Points". Points are used the first time you choose to contact a new lead. Once you have used your points to contact the lead, all future communication with the lead using the Onmutu are free. You just have to use points the first time. The number of points that the first contact cost depend on how and when you communicate with them. Through Onmutu you can get leads for new music students in 2 ways.

Answering Want Ads

This is the most common way to find leads in Onmutu. When you answer the wanto ads in our system you will be charged a certain number of posts depending on how many other Members have responded to the same want ad. The more people who have replied, the cheaper it will be for you to reply. That being said, the people who contact the interested party sooner have a much higher chance of getting them as a client. So it is up to you to decide how much each want ad is worth to you.

  • 0-3 responses: 4 points
  • 4-6 responses: 3 points
  • 6+ responses: 2 points

Answering Direct Messages

This is the most cost effective way of getting valid leads through Onmutu. If a User contacts you directly either through your profile or through an article you have posted on Onmutu. These people have contacted you directly so you know they are interested in you.

  • Direct Contact: 2 points

Members who have the most success on Onmutu are those who have completed their profile with all the information, posted articles, promoted their personal profile and have come up with a great intro message for those people in our want ad section..

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