Looking for a refresh of piano/keyboard technique

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Wanted: Skype Piano Tutor
Student Lives In: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -5:00)
Student Needs:

Ready music quickly and improve my playing technique / improve muscle movement so I can site read and pick up pieces more easily. I have forgotten a lot of my technique over the years as I played for 7 years when I was much younger but have not played regularly in over...

Wujiang City Expo Textiles Co., Ltd.

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Wanted: Skype Cello Tutor
Student Lives In: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China          Student Timezone: (GMT -8:00)
Student Needs:

Wujiang City Expo Textiles Co., Ltd. Since 1993, the date she started on her quest for the fabric manufacturing in the famous textile hub Shengze town, WCEs president Janny Wang has conducted an orchestra of skilled people who love what they do – and it shows in ever...

Loan And Finance,SBLC Monetization,SBLC/Bank Guara...

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Wanted: Skype Bass Tutor
Student Lives In: Berlin, Al Manamah, Bahrain          Student Timezone: (GMT +5:30)
Student Needs:

We offer personal/business/investment loans,bank instruments and many more. Loan interest Rate : 2.5% Loan Minimum Amount : 100,000 Euros and above,we offer loan in USD, GBP and EURO. Our loan procedures are flexible,stress free and no delays,services are open for bo...

Need To Meet For Sex

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Wanted: Skype English Horn Tutor
Student Lives In: london, Bexley, United Kingdom          Student Timezone: (GMT)
Student Needs:

Gorgeous gal with soft, curly brown hair and a body to die for. My cunt is dripping with honey and it's waiting for your hot mouth to drink it all up. If you can think it up, then I am willing to help you act it out. I'm the kind of woman that loves it any way she can g...

Tuba Lessons

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Wanted: Skype Tuba Tutor
Student Lives In: Salem, Indiana, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -5:00)
Student Needs:

I am currently struggling with my upper register. I have an important audition in 6 days and the piece I chose has a cadenza that goes above the staff to an Eb that I need to reach. I need help.

Professional Beatbox Instructor Needed!

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Wanted: Skype Beatbox Tutor
Student Lives In: Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia          Student Timezone: (GMT +3:00)
Student Needs:

Hi, my name is Ghalia. I've been beatboxing for fun ever since I was a kid, I also play the drums, so it's fun to make beats and rhythms using my mouth and vocals only. I can make decent freestyle beatboxing; however, I'm aiming to reach a higher and more capable level...