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Secret of Songwriting -Write songs that your fans will remember forever

Here are the secret songwriting rules:

Secret of songwriting #1:
Bius: Nothing connects more to the audience than a song that comes from real life. Remember when was the time you got hurt by someone or some situation? Or the one time when you got so infatuated by a girl that you lost all sense of reality. A trip…? or a phase of life that made you realize something. How did it make you feel? Describe this experience in simple words.

Secret of Songwriting #2:
Don’t think….feel: It all comes down to emotion….the emotion will open your creativity and the words will start flowing, remember vividly an intense experience regardless of emotion (pain, love, happiness). Relax and let your self free to write.

Secret of Songwriting #3:
Be philosophical: Worldly problems, personal problems, anything that troubles us and people around us makes it great material to write songs about (love, family, being broke, alcohol, drugs, war, politics, etc).

Secret of Songwriting #4:
Simple and Direct: Keep each sentence within 3-5 words. And 3-4 sentences in each verse. The more simple it is, the faster the message will get to the hearts of the audience. Describe in simple words what kind of a message do you want to send. Nothing too fancy or too complicated.

Secret of Songwriting #5:
Creative: Write lyrics simple yet catchy for their ears, don't use words or lyrics that they have been used million times before…e.g. “ I know you want me…you know I want you… I love you, I miss you….etc”. People have heard these types of lyrics over and over ….it doesn’t impress them anymore, it is now boring. When common lyrics come into your mind, erase them or change them, give the meaning in a different way that no one has used before, as long as it remains simple within a few words.

Secret of Songwriting #6:
Cohesion: Verses and words do not necessarily have to always rhyme but the meaning has to connect between them and throughout the song.

Secret of Songwriting #7:
Listen to songs: There is no virgin birth in lyrics, all your favorite songwriters listened to  other songs and had their own favorite songwriters.

Secret of songwriting #8:
Read poetry: Poems of your culture and international ones, you can adopt words and expressions from other cultures and incorporate them into your own, but translate the meaning in your own way….don’t translate just the words.

Secret of Songwriting #9:
Pen and Paper: Always carry a notepad  and a pen with you wherever you go,  inspiration is unpredictable, it comes even during your sleep…so wake up if you have to and write it down.

Secret of songwriting #10:
Write, write, write: If you don’t know how to start, write about anything…e.g. “I went to the store today”, “the book was a good read”. write about whatever you like, whatever you feel, funny stuff too, inspiration doesn’t come on its own.

The secret of songwriting is NOT about just sitting down writing songs all day….Make sure they are heartfelt, they come from your own experiences, problems, happy moments that touched you deeply. Then your songs become alive. People will listen to them and thank you for making them. So get inspired by living your life.

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