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The Inherent Values in Education

As a music educator, I teach classes, workshops, and private lessons to a large number of students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. When I first started teaching my curriculums I was very excited about what I was teaching (and had developed), but as I progressed and trained other teachers in my methodology it became very clear that how it was taught was of equal importance.

There are a number of behavioral characteristics that can go against learning. There are also many that serve as antidotes to learning disruptions and inattention. Traits that are prerequisites to learning include: respect, not trying, sincerity, and responsiveness.

What I've found is that these behavioral attributes are aligned with learning itself and in their absence there is a lack of learning. 

Classroom management and behavioral issues seem universal with young students. It is almost always the action or the speech that gets our concern, rather than why it was done or how it was said. One word or phrase can be said in an infinite number of ways. Therefore, it's important to understand the concept of tonality in language and teach how to use the correct tonality. Understanding and addressing the underlying tonality can fix what is being said or done.

An example of how we use this in our classes is teaching students to say something in their natural voice when they're speaking. The natural voice is strong, clear, and happy. It has none of the lower emotions that we hear in young students all too often. We also talk about values like sincerity, respect and attention and allow them to develop their own understanding of these (with guidance of course).

Some of the great definitions of attention I've heard include: connection, listening, not doing anything else, respect and tracking. We then practice this alone without any other agenda before implementing it into class material. This strengthens learning capacity tremendously.

Many of these techniques will be taught at a new Teacher Certification coming up in Denver May 27-29th. We'll go over the new theory of rhythm I've developed, biomechanics of various instruments, and new approaches to ear training.

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Curtis Madigan, is a music education visionary and has created a revolutionary new music system. After graduating from Berklee College of Music and performing with many notable artists, he is sharing the knowledge he developed with aspiring musicians and professional musicians alike. Madigan leads workshops, masterclasses, and one-of-a-kind trainings in his innovative new approach to learning rhythm and music.

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