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Athens , Greece

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$40.00 U.S.

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(GMT +2:00) Kaliningrad, South Africa

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45 Minutes

Do you think the sound of low vibration of the stringbass is part of your soul?...Have lessons on classical & modern double bass or bass guitar with an experienced musician (experienced tutor of 12 years)...Double bass: learn to play it with the bow or with finger-style (pizzicato).Electric bass guitar's all music styles, modern techniques (slap,pop,hammer-on,pull-off,tapping etc ). Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student.You will build a strong foundation of note reading, music theory, ear training, sight reading combined with a lot of fun.Specified studies,special techniques,solo repertoire,orchestral experts for advanced students.Learning elements of theory & harmony, rhythm, improvisation etc.Online lessons via Skype: music for everyone tel.+306932062295

He is an active musician since year 2000 until now & worked in symphonic orchestras,Greek National Opera also taken part in theatrical and other independent productions.He has twelve years teaching experience.He taught in Public music schools in his country since 2006 - 2010.Experienced in individual lessons since year 2010 until now & he is a tutor in a conservatory in his hometown Athens since 2012 until now adays.

Graduated in June 2002 from the Conservatory of Athens completing his classical studies and obtaining his diploma in double bass under Professor A.Kazaglis. In December 2003 he took part in the double bass seminar organized at the Athens Conservatory and taught by Gottfried Engels Professor in Cologne Academy and Orchestra Director.

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